Savour Every Moment - Director's Cut


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Uploaded by moto459 - Dec 12, 2015
Directed by Keith Hopkin -

Original Score by Carly Comando (itunes: http://...
Directed by Keith Hopkin -

Original Score by Carly Comando (itunes: )

Produced by C. J. Gardella | Directory of Photography - Dave McGrath

Color Correction: Gavin Rosenberg

Special thanks to Petcurean for the generous artistic grant!

Thanks to Jeff & Lisa at the Red Robin Song Guest House:

This is the extended director’s cut of  “Savour Every Moment”. Watch the original here:

I had a really amazing time working with all of the pets and their owners on this project for Petcurean Pet Nutrition. Every animal has something special to offer the world and I am really happy that this film has been responsible for spreading so much joy.  Feel free to share your own stories in the comments below!

As seen on 


Animals In order of appearance

Boo - White German Shepherd

Mia - White German Shepherd

Ronnie - Jack Russel Mix

Bodhi - Border Collie

Teddy - Golden Retriever puppy

Ahimsa - cat running and on door

Ginseng - cat on roof

Sylvester - cat in window

Anka - German  Shepherd

Otto - Springer Spaniel


Stewie - Chocolate Lab

Bonkers - Boston Terrier

Blue - Yellow Lab

Bibi - Miniature Pinscher legs

Beans - Chihuaha

Jupiter -  Mau/Savannah Mix Cat

Guapo - Australian Shepherd Mix

Jasmine - Golden Retriever

Violet - Cocker Mix

Kona - Golden Shar Pei


Weezie & Memphis - French Bulldog 

Animal - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Charlie - Boxer

Liv - Black Cat

Yogi - Jindo Mix

Murphy - Lhasa Apso

Morgan - Pug Mix

Sammy - King Charles

Ivy - Labradoodle
5auto closing...

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